Kebab, Kebap, Kibab, Kabab – however you spell it we can both agree on one thing… it’s absolutely delicious!

Kebab is very popular dish in LA. There is no shortage of places you can go and have decent food, but if you want the best lamb kabab in Los Angeles  then you have to come to Spice Affair 🙂  We use the best ingredients for our cuisine you can taste the difference for yourself and try our:

  • SEEKH, KING OF KEBABS – Skewered lamb mince, juicy, scrumptious and alluring

The platter comes to you sizzling served with onions to garnish. As soon as the server comes from behind the wall you can hear it and smell it… the taste is phenomenal. Succulent, flavorful with an amalgamation of spices dancing in your mouth.

We also have a delicious vegetarian and vegan Kebab option as well:

  • CHICKPEA AND CRACKLING CARAMELIZED WALNUT KEBAB – Famous kebabs from the flat grill with hand pounded chickpeas and walnuts

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