Creativity, hard work and careful planning are the key to hosting an amazing corporate event. With modern technology and internet research, event planners have a plethora of options to choose from. There are countless interesting themes and ideas which can quickly upgrade any type of mundane event into a spectacular one. Whether your event is for fun or strictly business, different occasions will call for their own distinct needs – setups, technology, facilities as well as their own industry trends and expectations.

But how to transform an OK event into a killer one?

Here’s a guide to help you improve the most important aspects of your event. Follow these tips to make your event unique and spectacular:

1-Start the Event Off with a BANG!

If you want the energy level at your event to skyrocket, set the bar high with a grand entry. Pull off a welcome address which excites your guests. Throw a simple opening ceremony using fireworks and/or light shows. Depending upon your event theme, you can enhance the ceremony with live performances. It makes your guests to eagerly look forward to your event, even more than they already were.

opening ceremony

If your event requires guests to register and/or check in, keep it thoroughly organized. It becomes a mess quickly. Sort it out alphabetically and hire ample staff to ensure smoothness. It verifies that your event starts off on a positive note.

Serve your guests with cheerful greetings. Make sure that the greeters are well informed to properly guide visitors through the venue. It is important that the guests feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as they enter onto the premises.

2-Treat Your Guests with Food to Lust Over

When the guests are not busy in chatting and enjoying offerings of your event, they turn to food and beverages. It makes them refuel and stay put for the event. With globalization, preferences of people are evolving.

Food and Beverages

Nowadays, guests ask a lot more than basic meal options and it is wiser to note the trend. Make your meal stand out by:

Offering Choices in the Menu: It is best to anticipate needs of your guest and offer two or three meal choices. It is impossible to please every guest with a single entrée. Offer options for salad dressing and courses. Serve multiple condiments and spices on the side. For desserts, provide at least two options: One which is indulgent and the other which is healthy.

Including the Best Cuisines in your Catering: Regional menus and delicacies are the life of a party. Indian, Chinese and Spanish are the most sought after choices. Choose a catering service which offer mouth watering food. International food options and region-specific cuisine makes your event stand out from the usual rubber chicken circuit. Go through the menu and review cost to dishes ratio before choosing a caterer.

Considering People with Special Needs: Consult your event planner and incorporate special dietary needs like food allergies, religious requirements (kosher) and intolerances. Many people prefer to consume vegetarian food. However, opposed to popular misconception, there are various desirable food options in Vegetarian menu.

3-Decorate the Venue with Maximum Tech Input

Technology has ample products and techniques to make your event look like a science-fiction movie. Some actionable ways to turn your event around:

  • Use Laser Diode Systems and Digital lights: These lights are digitally generated with a computer and can be projected onto a screen, wall or simply at curtains. It creates horizontal, vertical or central panoramas quickly without the need of extra cables.
  • Projected Videos and Visualizations: Carefully created videos can readily offer a layer of experimental stimulation. It may contain different colors, textures, moving images to create the perfect ambience for your event.
  • Precision Fabrication: A 2-D or 3-D model can be digitized on virtually any material. This technology can transform large scale sculptures into impressive living artifact. A custom crafted brand label adds additional element of style.


Whether it is for artistic beautification or interesting branding, the combination of creativity, technology and precision cutting offers endless possibilities to add depth to events.

In addition to the decoration, more gadgets always optimize an event. If your do is aimed at getting response from the audience, use apps like surveymonkey or Automated crowd response systems for easy polling. Similarly, use fiverr to hire freelancers for event management team. Raise funds with localgivings. Use internet to find similar tools to simplify your task.

4-Plan the Event Carefully and Include Surprise Fun Activities

Planning an event at least 3 months in advance is a smart way to control the irregularities. Depending upon the type of event, this pre-booking time period may vary, with official events demanding a timely lock-in period. Use internet and review the style and trends of events in your niche. The basic necessities are:

  • Get an Accurate Head Count: If your event is expected to have guest list of less than 500, consider a margin of 50 attendees. For more than that, have an error of +/- 100.
  • Organize 2 Weeks Beforehand: Cross-check every minute details 2 weeks prior to the event. Talk to the event management team and confirm if everything is good to go.
  • Make Checklist: Before 24 hours from the event, make a checklist of the things to take to the venue. Delegate your work and make sure to get some high quality photographs.
  • Entertainment: Include some performances or fun activities to keep your guests engaged. Most guests expect DJs or bands at the event. Be distinct and hire comedians, hypnotists or ventriloquists. Include interactive activities like scavenger hunt or similar recreation. Surprise your guests with special snacks or guest appearances. Fuse the two and make guests perform.

Entertainment5-Place Ushers and Hire an MC

Technology can take you as far as your imagination, but you need to have a human element to keep your event favorable. Use people for:

Guiding: Ushers help guests to move through the venue effortlessly. They are especially useful when the event is held in a large auditorium or banquet hall. Assign a proper seat to every guest and let ushers help them. Place the layout of venue at the entry and label the seats


Hosting: An MC is experienced in gauging audience behavior. Hire an up-and-coming guest speaker with strong communication skills. A celebrity guest speaker is not always mandatory. A new orator provides fresh perspective to things, which a seasoned MC might not. You can have multiple MCs to keep the event diverse.


 6-Make your Event Green

Take every opportunity to make your event green. Instead of printed media, use digital signs and apps to guide your guests. Try to serve food & beverages in environment friendly materials. It not only helps the nature, but makes your guests happy and appreciate your event even more.

Planning event for a unique spectacle is not always easy. While each event requires a different strategy, there are some factors which are common to all. Follow the above-mentioned tips, maintain harmony between all the elements of your do and make your event hard to forget.